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Illumina S35 High Speed Primes

Item # 122


From Luma Tech, a newly conceived set of ultra-high speed prime lenses for 5K/4K digital and super 35mm film motion picture formats. Focal lengths: 18, 25mm, 35, 50, 85mm f1.2/T1.3. The lenses feature gear driven focus & iris and uniform 95mm non-rotating fronts. Ruggedly but precisely engineered by LOMO in St. Petersberg, Russian Federation, the lenses offer speed, contrast and a creamy naturalistic look unlike other lenses for professional cinematography. Neither artificially warm nor excessively cold in color rendition, the lenses have a look that has been described as "organic". A fresh new brush for the cinematographer's palate. Also available individually. Email or call for current set and per-unit pricing.

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