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Illumina Super16 Primes

Item # 55


Focal lengths: 8, 9.5, 12, 16, 25, 50mm T1.3 Designed from the start for Super16, the Illuminas feature high contrast, accurate lens to lens color fidelity and superb format coverage. From edge to edge and even in the far corners of 1.66:1 format, your frame is sharp and luminous, without the falloff and curvature of field seen in lenses that are not designed for the larger format but "cover OK". The 8mm and 9.5mm cover Super16 with extremely low distortion, and razor crispness out to the edges. All lenses T1.3. Each lens features a fixed 80mm front ring for easy use with matte boxes, geared focus and T-stop scales, large bright markings on both sides and can be supplied in PL or bayonet mount. Mechanical units are well designed and durable, will last decades. TWO YEAR parts warranty, ONE YEAR labor.

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